UnderControl Premium 

Support UnderControl's Development by upgrading to UnderControl Premium and get some extra cool features for your discord server.

One more reason to upgrade to UnderControl Premium

When you have purchased premium features you get the ability to ask us to make a specific feature only for yourself inside our Bot. There will be a setup fee depending on the difficulty of making the feature you want us to make for you. Once you have payed your setup fee you will only have to keep your Premium plan going, in return we will be hosting your feature for free.

$2.99 / MonthWas $35.88 / Year Now $29.90 / Year
  • Role Rewards - You will be given a ''Premium'' Role in UnderControl's Official Discord Server, which will last forever.
  • Web Dashboard - You will be able to send us a message through the ''Web Dashboard'' directly instead of having to message us on discord.
  • Special Channel - You will also be invited to a secret channel in UnderControl's Official Group where you can chat with all the other people who have bought UnderControl Premium!

Try UnderControl Premium For Free

Here is another reason why you should trust UnderControl more than any other Discord Bot! We are 100% sure that you will end up very happy using UnderControl Premium so we have decided to give everyone a free trial to see what they think before they buy it.

Free Trial / 14 Days

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